The corporate world can have a huge influence on the environment. Imagine an engaged workforce; each employee aligned with the endeavors of the business to tackle climate change and taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle

  • A greener workforce can literally green your company, from the ground up

    - Lawrence Mitchell, Marketing Director, RBI
  • Greening your business is something to do with your employees, not to them

    - Gill Friend, Strategist in Sustainable Business
  • Viridien helped us instill environmental strategies throughout all of our factories

    - Meghan Holdings, HourWaist

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  • We provide a fun and engaging platform of communications for your workforce
    About Us

    Gaining employee engagement is our expertise and being green is our passion, we're very good at technology too.

    Viridien's Chairman, Graham Simmonds, is Managing Director and founder of Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP), believing that individuals and corporations can be encouraged to embrace more sustainable ways of operating with more carrot and less stick, combined with fun and engaging communications. Profiled by The Telegraph as an 'eco hero' and listed by The Evening Standard as one of London's most influential environmentalists, Graham has advised a number of companies on ways to reduce their environmental impact.

    megan Megan Gough, MD of Viridien says:

    " As influential employers, I think most companies realise they have a part to play in this area. We aim to assist so that they can implement a creative and employee focussed solution, which will contribute towards a positive impact on the environment. "

    megan Graham Simmonds, Chairman of Viridien says:

    " We fill a void in the workplace. Research shows that companies have a keen desire to do more in helping to tackle climate change, but apart from Cycle to Work schemes there isn't a huge choice of employee interventions to choose from. Viridien changes that with a simple and effective employee communications programme that can easily be put in place by the busiest of organisations. "

    All too often the green issues can be mystified. What we have done is developed a fun, accesible and a pragmatic programme eCubed that is really going to make a big difference

    What we do

    Put simply, we help your employees to lead a more sustainable life - both at work and at home. We do this with a programme called eCubed which engages, educates and encourages your people to live more sustainably. The eCubed package is your answer to becoming a greener company. It's simple and quick to implement with measurable results

    • Being environmentally friendly is no longer a niche interest within an organisation

      - The Sunday Times
    • A greener workforce can literally green your company, from the ground up

      - Lawrence Mitchell, Marketing Director, RBI
    eCubed System

    is an integrated employee communication and engagement pro- gramme. Its entire focus is to engage, educate and encourage employees to live and behave in a more environmentally sustain- able way.

    The eCubed programme is two-fold; we provide SAP approved employee communications, using simple but effective methodologies that work. The eCubed communications will provoke your employees to think and consequently act in a much more eco-friendly way. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to build and maintain buoyant employee engagement with eCubed

    Greening your business is something to do with your employees, not to them

    - Gill Friend, Strategist in Sustainable Business

    Complementing the eCubed communications is an interactive web hub. The eCubed web hub incorporates Green Rewards's reward and recognition eVouchers, a community area for promoting green events and freecycling amongst your employees, an ecological footprint calculator, weekly green tips, and a wealth of information assisting employees to make better informed choices; whether it is considering their next holiday, switching utility provider or buying their food. The hub can be fully customised so that it fits with your company's brand and culture. You can even use it to house your green strategy, accomplishments and policy

    eCubed Benefits

    What does eCubed deliver to you as a company?

    For Employees

    • Rewards - for positive eco friendly actions and participation
    • Unify - evokes a 'we're in this together' mindset
    • Proud - to work for a responsible company like you
    • Ripple - the green messages filter through to the home and family

    For Companies

    • Engagement - your employees will feel motivated to make a change and be rewarded for doing so
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - we know you want to do your bit for the environment.
    • Green Company Credentials - be a company people want to do business with
    • Recruit & Retain - be a company people want to work for
    • Efficient - low impact on your manpower and finances
    • Return on Investment - because of all the above

    For Environment

    • Awareness - it is really important to give people the tools to live more sustainably, the future of our planet depends on it
    • Change - if lots of people make small changes, it will make a significant difference to the world

    More than 75% of UK employees consider it important to work for a company that has an active policy to reduce its environmental impact

    - The Carbon Trust

    Be assured our fee for eCubed and the ongoing service is designed to be very affordable.  It is based on the size of your organisation and the length of our working relationship.  We can demonstate to you the return on your investment and help you to gain the merits of having a real impact on the environment through your workforce. 

    We don't believe in hidden charges. Our fee is simply based on the size of your organisation. Get in touch with us to enquire today.
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